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At Our English Shire we take pride in producing beautiful healthy Labradors with intelligence. Our breeding program has taken years to develop in which we carefully select only the best specimens for reproduction and strive for continuous improvement. Our breeding philosophy is based on the commitment to produce high quality Labradors for many years of love and enjoyment.


Making a decision to add a puppy to your family is not something that should be done on an impulse. It’s important to remember that the decision to add a puppy to your life involves a 10-15 year commitment. Please do your research to be sure this is the right breed for you. You will be able to start your research by visiting the AKC website. Contact us for additional links on Labrador Retriever Education.



IMPORTANT WE DO NOT hold/secure puppies for any reason without a deposit. (A $500 deposit is required to reserve a puppy).We generally have most puppies already reserved by the time they are 6 to 8 weeks old. We accept a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to secure /hold a puppy for you. A deposit is a down payment, for your puppy. Balance to be paid when you pick your puppy up from our home. Full payment for your puppy is due when the puppies turn 8 weeks old. If you are not able to take your puppy home by the time the puppy turns 8 weeks old, the balance for your puppy must be paid in full or the puppy will be placed up for sale. Puppies secured with a deposit is considered SOLD. There are no wide swings in type here as you will see with most breeders, so with all that said, if you change your mind while waiting for your puppy, or have found another puppy elsewhere, or the balance is not paid when due, or you cant take delivery of the puppy at delivery time, you will FORFEIT your deposit and an effort will be made on our part to place the puppy with someone else. If you are not 100% sure that the puppy you are considering purchasing from us will be a good match or your not sure you want a Labrador puppy then do not leave a deposit. If for some reason something unforeseen happens to the puppy (ill or worse) while under my care then your deposit will be refunded to you. We reserve the right to cancel the sale and return your deposit at any time while the puppy is in our care should we choose to do so.   Do not be offended if we ask many questions. The safety and well being of our Labradors are important to us and we must ensure our puppies are going to loving homes.

Our Puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) & sold to familes as family companions, (not to breed not to show.) If you are looking for a show Labrador I am open to disscuss options. 


For your convenience we accept deposits via pay-pal, Venmo, Cash APP, Zelle,or cash,check and money orders.

Please call us before placing your deposit to be sure the puppy you want is still available. Thank you.

Deposit Policy  

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